Semantic System Finalizes OEM Contract with CENDOO

Zurich, Switzerland/La Jolla, USA December 16 – CENDOO and Semantic System have entered into an OEM contract to use Semantic’s ai-one™ in CENDOO’s Butler product.

Ever felt overwhelmed by too much information and communication? CENDOO and Semantic System are working on a totally new approach to tackle one of the biggest challenges for users of information technology:  information overload (see “Drowning in Information? You’re Not Alone of Huffington Post). While search engines are getting ever more powerful and provide more and more features, this is also bad news.  Users are swamped with huge amounts of information and the user has to go through the results to find generic zoloft 100mg what is of interest and relevant.  This process has to be repeated and refined, sometimes with multiple search engines, until he or she has found the right answers. Search engines available aren’t providing the essential feature: personalized semantic search.

Running on your PC as a virtual twin, CENDOO’s Butler knows your focus and preferences,  ”reading” and classifying search results and documents until it can deliver exactly and precisely what you need. The Butler will be available in 2010. Learn more:

To view the entire press release please click here: PR-20091216-Cendoo-finalizes-contract.

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