Take your brain to the gym

Neuro-feedback, – also known as EEG biofeedback – is an approach used to train brain activity. Neuro-feedback can literally change the way our brains work even acquire peak performances.

In neuro-feedback, therapists attach electrodes to a patient’s scalp. Through these electrodes, a device measures electrical impulses in the brain, amplifies them and then records them. These impulses are divided into different types of brain waves. So, in order to concentrate on a task, parts of the brain must produce more high-frequency beta waves. To relax, the brain must produce more low-frequency theta waves. For example, the patient is rewarded when he or she makes more of the theta waves.

According to a study conducted in Germany in 2009 it could be concluded that Neurofeedback can indeed be considered an Evidence-Based treatment for ADHD.

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