Search needs a shake-up

Oren Etzioni, computer scientist at the University of Washington has penned Search needs a shake-up, the August commentary in Nature (the full commentary is available to Natures subscribers or you can get the UW’s news). The piece, in short, is a call to academics and industry researchers to revolutionise how we find information on the web.

Now, searching on the web is typing a keyword (which is just a string of characters) into the search box and the search engine goes off and searches for exactly that string of characters and presents the website buy fluconazole 150 mg with that word. Instead, Etzioni proposes that the web search engine would identify basic entities – persons, places, objects – and point out the relationships between them. Which is exactly our approach. Only, we think, this can be applied in all kinds of documents and not only on the web. Our technology detects intrinsic semantic structure of the text data and works with lightweight ontologies that show the associations and significance of every element. Watch our webcast for more info.

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