Using Nathan API Tools for Enhanced Marketing Analytics

“Customers are not dollars and addresses. No matter how brilliant we slice and dice the data to get a targeted list of prospects, the final steps in the analysis required our clients to read through web pages and reports to qualify prospects. Now we can speed up that process and help with the tactical customer discovery process.” Says KDD Analytics President, Dr. Duffy-Deno.

The first time we worked with KDD, we had taken several thousand book reviews from Amazon and built two intelligent agents, one for favorable and one for critical reviews. We used a BrainDocs prototype application to fingerprint and analyze the reviews, returning a similarity score for each agent per review. We weren’t even sure what the data told us until KDD produced a Tableau visualization that showed a clear relationship between a high “helpful rating” and a favorable review.

KDD’s expertise and the power of this interactive dashboard told us we were on to something big. Analysts could create a set of agents for any concept they felt were relevant and visually classify and filter the contents of vast buy zoloft 100 mg online no prescription sets of documents in minutes. Big data just got a little easier to deal with.

KDD provides expertise in predictive analytics and Tableau visualizations, dashboards and data discovery. KDD,, specializes in quantitative marketing analytics: B2B, B2C and B2D analysis of marketing and sales database information.

KDD has been partnering with ai-one to refine methods for mining and converting unstructured text for use in their Tableau dashboards. Driven by the need for better insight into vast amounts of customer information in websites, market surveys, company profiles, sales reports, emails and research reports, KDD used our Analyst Toolbox to create innovative ways to visualize this data.

For a good overview of their work, KDD Analytics just released a 2014 Capabilities Deck. If you’re looking to attack your growth plan for 2014 backed by powerful marketing analytics, contact KDD at

Visit ai-one’s site at for the launch of the Analyst Toolbox BrainBrowser tool for high speed web and people research. Prerelease logins are available free for qualified users.

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