Analytics In M&A – Avoid Overpaying for Revenue

“New, fast, desktop analytics tools enable CEOs to measure top line impact of acquisitions during due diligence, avoiding revenue misses and integration problems after closing.  We can now complete the analysis and publish a dashboard to a CEO’s desktop during due diligence while there is still time to negotiate.” Says KDD Analytics President, Dr. Duffy-Deno.

Driven by the need for better insight into vast amounts of customer information in websites, market surveys, company profiles, sales reports, emails and research reports, KDD Analytics (KDD) has been partnering with ai-one to create innovative ways to visualize this data in Tableau dashboards.

When KDD showed us ZIP Pointe© and told us the story of the CEO in the following presentation, we knew he had a winner.


Any CEO or management team that’s been through the M&A process knows how difficult it is to analyze the target’s revenue in the brief and stressed period of due diligence.  ZIP Pointe© provides the insight you would expect from a SOR enterprise solution within the time and cost constraints of M&A.  A CEO can’t afford not to use it.

Developed for CMOs and CSOs on a tight budget trying to meet planning deadlines, KDD’s new SaaS offering, ZIP Pointe© is used to analyze and size geographic markets down to the 6-digit NAICS level.  And with the custom integration of customer data, it can be used to profile customers, estimate market and wallet share, identify specific market segments of high spend potential and generate a list of ZIP codes sorted by opportunity for targeting purposes.

ZIP Pointe© summarizes and enhances US Census generic zoloft online Bureau data for over 7 million private sector business sites with paid employees across the US.  This data is enhanced with estimates of revenue and payroll per site and measure(s) of potential spend per site (what companies could spend on software for example).  The data is reformatted and displayed online in an interactive Tableau dashboard.

Integration of customer data in ZIP Pointe© allows for customer base profiling, estimation of market and wallet share, identification of whether the correct segments are being targeted in terms of revenue and potential spend per site and the degree of success in penetrating specific markets.  When used to support M&A due diligence, integration of the target customer base immediately shows how it aligns (or doesn’t) with current customers and expectations.

ZIP Pointe© is offered on an annual subscription basis at a very affordable $1,999 or $2,999 per user, depending on desired capabilities.  Integration of customer data adds a one-time cost, the amount of which depends on whether firmographics need to be appended to the customer file.  In the case of an M&A application, the total cost would likely be $5,000 to $10,000, a steal when acquisition costs are in the millions.  Check out ZIP Pointe© at

KDD provides expertise in predictive analytics and Tableau visualizations, with domain specialization in B2B quantitative marketing analytics.  If you’re looking to attack your growth plan for 2015 backed by powerful marketing analytics, or need analytical support for M&A due diligence, contact Dr. Duffy-Deno at or give me a call and I’ll introduce you.


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