Vision Statement
The amount and variety of information generated today is beyond human comprehension. Our technology transforms big data into opportunity using machine learning that mimics the biological brain’s ability to find patterns and relationships.  Our Biologically Inspired Intelligence provides unprecedented opportunities to scale knowledge faster than data while protecting privacy and enhancing humanity’s quality of life and freedoms.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to embed Biologically Inspired Intelligence into every computing device and application to empower developers to help people to use the global information explosion to protect and better their lives.

Our Goal
Our goal is to support an entirely new class of machine learning applications using biologically inspired intelligence and to build a community of users, developers and researchers.

About ai-one
The ai-one™ network of companies is a small technology expert organization with locations in the US, Switzerland and Germany with partners around the globe.  Headquarters is located in La Jolla California with research in Zurich and EU sales and support from Berlin. The core technology is developed, licensed and supported by ai-one with solutions, training, IT services and consulting provided by a network of partners worldwide.  We enable deployment of intelligent software agents and architectures across a broad range of industries.

Founded in Zurich in 2003, we are now headquartered in La Jolla California with research in Zurich.

History of ai-one