Keynote Event

This page includes all presentations given at the 2013 ai-one Keynote conference held on February 27 in Oltem Switzerland. The notes below indicate if the presentation was given in German or English.

Diese Seite enthält alle Präsentationen der 2013 ai-one Keynote-Konferenz am 27. Februar in Oltem Schweiz stattfand. Die folgenden Hinweise zeigen, ob die Präsentation in deutsch oder englisch Sprache ist.

ai-one 2013 Keynote Speech – Walter Diggelmann CEO, Founder

In Deutscher. Over 80 people attended ai-one’s first keynote event in a packed room. In this presentation, CEO Walt Diggelmann shows the new Nathan core and explains the features of the new version of ai-one’s technology: “Faster, smaller, only 132KB, runs on all platforms, including any mobile device, designed for cloud computing and developing next generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with embedded machine learning capabilities.”

The New Nathanapp Architecture – Andi Fall ai-one_4c_Small

In Deutscher. CTO Andi Fall follows with a technical demonstration of NathanCore. He showed how programmers easily can access and incorporate the Nathan machine learning functionality. His presentation used different devices and showed how easy the communication works. NathanCore is built in ANSII-C and provides a RESTFul connection with: Node.JS, JSON, and almost all operating systems (such as OSX, Windows, Linux, etc).

Crealiity – Roman Padiwycrealiity

In Deutscher. Roman presents the next form of social network. Crealiity found a way how to connect the majority of people who are not comfortable using computers or smart phones with people who are savvy with social media platforms. The main goal of Crealiity is to connect people based on their personas: Ressources, Talents, Experiences, Contacts, Goals, Wishes and Visions.

Forschungsprojekt Policy Policy Modeling – Ulrich Reimerfhsg-de

In Deutscher. A highly sophisticated university project run by Prof. Ulrich Reimer uses Nathan Core to enhance state-of-the-art context analytics and simulation models. The goal is to create more accurate models that follow the dynamics of the reality. These models can be used in any context. Prof. Reimer uses renewable energy and politics as an example.

SmartCoping – Tom UlmermyVitaly

Tom Ulmer showed how smart devices can be used in healthcare. One of the examples stressed by Tom shows an application where the user is warned by a smart phone that monitors his physiology using intelligent pattern recognition.

Brainup – Michael Krausebrainup_logo

In Deutscher. Michael Krause  shows how Brainup addresses big data issues. Brainup provides a solution to mine unstructured information. This is a vast market since 90% of all information is unstructured. Brainup prompts the user with the right question to ask then easily finds any kind of document or content. It is estimated that the average office workers spends 1.28 hours each day to search and find documents. Brainup helps to reduce this lost time dramatically.

ai-BrainDocs – Tom Marshai-BrainDocs Agent

In English. Tom Marsh introduces ai-BrainDocs, which addresses one of the most cost intensive and risk afflicted areas where relevant information must be divided from non-relevant information. In most disciplines, such as medicine, there are more one million new documents published per year. Using intelligent agents to substantial reduces the time to read all documents. ai-BrainDocs saves enormous amounts of money while making people more productive and eliminating monotonous work that often leads to errors.

In Deutscher. Miss Graf, CEO of Weltbild, provides an impressive demonstration how NathanCore can simplify and enhance the user experience in a online bookshop. It enables users to get information about similar products in a very intuitive way. Weltbild is a leading bookshop and always looking to improve the shopping process.

Kundert AG – Phillipp Kessler kundert

In Deutscher. Mr. Kessler shows how NathanCore will improve classic data analysis systems in industrial production lines. Quality control is a major instrument in optimizing production lines and an important tool to reduce costs. It is well known that some aspects of quality assurance cannot be analyzed using conventional statistics and reporting tools due to the complexity of a process. NathanCore is a tool that can solve this problem by defining complex patterns for accurate production planning and predictions.

S+B Private Placement GmbH – Stefan Roth Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.13.22 AM

In Deutscher. Stefan Roth talks about the importance of investment support for new innovative concepts and products. He explained how hard it sometimes is to find investors and early-adopters for disruptive technologies. He  ideas and helping to penetrate markets with new products. S+B Private Placement is also an important business developer and lobbyist for ai-one.

Keynote Closing Comments, Tom Marsh COO 

In English. Tom Marsh closes the Keynote 2013 event with a presentation showing that the exponential growth in data is driving demand for artificial intelligence. He summarizes ai-one’s competitive position, strategy and plans for growth.