Partner Program

Our community of consulting and IT services partners provide development expertise and resources to help  OEM partners build state-of-the-art machine learning solutions. Often our partners collaborate to develop, deliver and host complex systems integration and large enterprise applications. We donate technology to our academic and research partners for use in non-commercial research projects that provide public benefit. Generally these projects result in publication and meet at least one of the following criteria: provide social benefits at no cost to the public, expand human knowledge, validate performance of ai-one compared to other technologies, and testing new scientific theories.

Do you need a partner for your AI project that understands your industry?

For a project that needs specific technical skills, we have you covered.  Our technical partners offer everything from project design and management to execution and training.  An IT services partner is trained and experienced with our Nathan techolonogy and specializes in IT project management and programming services for enterprise clients, government or software companies with end-user applications.

Preferred Partners

ai-one certified partners are trained and experienced in integrating ai-one technology with standard applications. Certified partners work closely with ai-one and are given early access to our technologies. They provide expertise on how to best use ai-one’s technology to build machine learning applications.

Absolute Development AG

Absolute Development




Contact: Patrik Erni


Swisskenko Group

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Contact: Andreas Koller


The business of ai-one is to build great technology and license it to brilliant developers so that they can use it to build the next generation of software. Our mission is to help our partners in every way possible to become successful in their efforts.