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Are you a software, enterprise developer or content firm needing to make sense of unstructured text in documents, blogs, customer reviews, research, emails, Twitter feeds or Facebook pages?  As an OEM Partner, we will work with you to build the next generation of intelligent products for your customers.  Your team does not need prior AI or linguistics expertise. Some of our OEM Partners and their product offerings are listed below:

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ai-ibiomics gmbh intends to be the first mover and future market leader in high speed IT-based high genomic diagnostics, with the first full scale modeling of individuals and most sophisticated intelligent cause-and-effect-based personal healthcare. ai-ibiomics develops, refines and markets methods and processes leveraging biological, medical and especially diagnostics knowledge with respect to static and dynamic health status of individuals (human, animal, oecological systems) from very large biological/genomic data volumes by means of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Product launch by mid 2011 with the first full-fledged autonomous sequencing center offering a set of services such as full exome and full transcriptome sequence diagnostic service, from tissue to educated decision support for medical doctors. 2012 foresees profitable growth with the opening of additional sequencing service centers in selected regional markets, piloting partnerships with global players and generating customer benefits by combining ai-one’s holosemantic network products with ibiomics sequencing and IT technologies.  The company is lead by Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerlein, CEO and Dr. Markus Zoller, CEO.
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PIC Systems AG – The new and ultimate generic zoloft online pharmacy solution for forensic pattern analysis and matching. IMS is equipped with ASTIS™ the automatic shoe track information system which was developed with PIC and the BKA using the UltraMatch API for image data.  Tested by the UNIL, ASTIS™ is the  most advanced solution for shoe print analysis for forensic laboratories and CSI departments.

Brainup AG – Our partner at Brainup has introduced a semantic search solution for enterprises using the Topic-Mapper API for text applications.  Tap into your knowledge with the intelligent agent Brainup. Brainup turns legacy, archived and current data on your pc, workstation, in your intranet, your data base or file system into a knowledge base. Brainup is an add-on to your existing content management and workflow system. Enhance your existing archive no matter the archiving method. Brainup works with archiving software, databases or the local file or server file system.  www.brainup.com

Try the desktop version! www.trial.brainup.com

Swissport – In an application developed for Swissport, the ai-one Topic-Mapper API is used to solve the problem of name verification and matching between airline passenger manifests and the no-fly list from the Department of Homeland Security.  The challenge was to build and calibrate a system in a matter of weeks that could match the names and accommodate the different viewpoints (observer position), phonetics and semantics between languages. The PNL Matcher application is being used by airports in Zurich, Frankfurt, and New York’s JFK.