NathanAPI is a fully hosted RESTful API managed by ai-one and used in ai-one’s Analyst Toolbox applications.  The NathanAPI features are s incorporated into and offered through the BrainDocs API.  See the Analyst Toolbox website for more details.

Benefits of NathanAPI include:

  • Easy to learn API. Most developers will be able to build machine learning systems in just a few hours.
  • Use of common tools such as JSON, JavaScript and node.js.
  • Completely cloud-enabled access – no special infrastructure or equipment needed.

Now any developer can create artificial intelligence applications – quickly, easily, cheaply and without any special training.

Use cases for NathanAPI include building:

  • Intelligent agents for data mining, classifications
  • Deep learning systems
  • Communication agents using natural language generation
  • Auto-tagging and classification of unstructured text