Automatic Shoe Track Information System


ASTIS™ is a specialized application, based on ai-one™ and UltraMatch™, for the analysis and matching of shoe print tracks in the forensic pattern analysis. ASTIS™ consists of a digital retina, which is able to recognize patterns, including complex patterns and information structures, in images. In addition ASTIS™ matches the images and determines the similarity of different patterns. Hereby the system detects and takes any rotation, image scaling and distortions into account.

ASTIS™ works completely without manual classifications or text orientated tags. The image matching is based solely on the image content. However, at times the image quality of a crime scene track is very poor. For this case, ASTIS™ provides an image editor with buy sertraline 50 mg online composing functions, so the expert has the possibility to enhance the image quality before the automatic matching process takes place.

The intelligent Pattern Analysis

This is a combination of pure optical image matching and the scientific knowledge about shoe sole tracks. Intelligent means, that ASTIS™ has the ability to generalize the concept of a shoe track pattern. Only by considering this knowledge when viewing and matching images a software system has the chance, to reach similar quality in image matching like a human.


If you are a crime lab, police station, or law enforcement agency and need to add ASTIS™ to your forensic analysis toolkit, please contact us or our partner(s) for this product.