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“Related” — a Magic Word

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Google announced a tool similar to Hyperwords called Google Related.  The magic is that it reveals more information about any web page — such as maps, photos, reviews and videos — that are related to the page but not necessarily included on it. Google Related shows all the “other” information about a website from other websites.  It is a browser extension, but limited to Chrome only.

With Hyperwords, you get an extra layer on top of the word(s) of your choice on a web page, whereas Google Related suggests relevant (or related) bits and pieces to the what you are looking at. The tool will display the suggestions in a bar at the bottom of your page. But after trying it out for an afternoon, it seems to point mostly to Google products — possibly a result of Google buy cheap diflucan canada Page Rank is highest for Google products.

One of the coolest parts is that videos play directly on the page in a preview box. You can press the +1 button on the bar to share the result. Butin the long list of “View More Articles” the +1 button vanished — ahh did we discover a bug in the Google multiplex? And no training? Ironic that Google wouldn’t provide a quick 30 second video to show how it work.

In my view, Hyperwords is much less obtrusive. You can choose if you want to follow up on something you saw on a page. And then, you have a far greater choice how you want to explore more information. Google Related helps you find more related stuff on what you are already seeing.