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Leader of Knowledge Management and Text Analytics Joins ai-one Partner Network

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Press Release

KAPS Group plans to use new machine learning SDK to build advanced knowledge management applications for enterprise clients.

La Jolla CA | Oakland CA – KAPS Group announced today they would start using ai-one’s machine learning technologies to build custom applications for large corporations and government agencies. KAPS specializes in designing and developing systems that add semantic intelligence to unstructured content. These systems range from enterprise search to sentiment analysis-based customer intelligence to knowledge management systems that enable organizations to capture and use the information that employees learn through years of on-the-job experience. These systems are becoming increasingly important as companies struggle to retain expertise as expert employees retire or leave the company.

Semantic Structure Key to Knowledge Management

Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect at KAPS, sees the market continuing to grow. “There is a growing realization that adding semantic structure is the only way to make sense of all the extremely valuable, unrealized content that resides in today’s organizations. This is true for the information and knowledge in documents and in the expertise of employees. And capturing, organizing, and structuring that information is what will drive companies to be more innovative, responsive, and profitable.”

The Value of Machine Learning

KAPS partnered with ai-one inc to gain access to software development kits (SDK) that enable programmers to build machine learning into other applications. These SDKs make it possible for computers to automatically read and learn the meaning of vast amounts of unstructured data by how words are associated with each other. For example, a system might read millions of emails on a drug discovery process to learn that two chemicals could achieve the same result – even though one of the chemicals was ignored by a research team.

“It is an honor to have KAPS as a partner,” said Olin Hyde, ai-one’s VP of Business Development, “they have a fantastic reputation for building state-of-the-art systems.” Previous KAPS clients include the FDA, GAO, Genentech, Visa and Amdocs.

About KAPS Group LLC

Led by Chief Knowledge Architect, Tom Reamy, KAPS is a group of knowledge architecture consultants with a wide range of skills and experience. The firm’s services include: text analytics categorization and entity extraction catalogs, taxonomy creation, design and implementation of metadata and controlled vocabularies, implementation of search, content management, and portals, and strategic consulting. Based in Oakland California, KAPS Group’s services are grounded in the creation and maintenance of the intellectual infrastructure of an organization. This intellectual infrastructure consists of a wide variety of content and knowledge structures from metadata and taxonomies to linked data and ontologies, information technologies, the information processes embedded within business procedures, and the information/knowledge needs and behaviors of individual people and social communities.

Contact: Tom Reamy Phone 1-510-530-8270, email: tomr (at) kapsgroup (dot) com web: